Pcam FMC Robot

Flexible Management Cell for integrated production process management. Robot with 6 degrees of freedom, rotation, elevation, extension, front joint, thus ensuring a high handling capacity.

Usage details

Pcam FMC independently manages the production process of pieces, according to flexible schedules with continuous monitoring of the workflow. It manages pieces, tools, electrodes and pallets. PCamFMC guarantees a continuous use of the plants, safely. It guarantees interchangeability of operational priorities by increasing the OEE of the individual plants.

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FMC Robot technical information

Installation type
Maximum ride and speed

FMC Robot

articulated vertical,  6-axis  (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6)
anthropomorphic, linear
J1 360 degrees, 95 degrees/sec
J2 120 degrees, 90 degrees/sec
J3 360 degrees, 95 degrees/sec
J4 720 degrees, 120 degrees/sec
J5 250 degrees, 120 degrees/sec
J6 720 degrees, 130 degrees/sec
max 200 kg ( headstock + rough, last axis center)
+- 0.3mm