EDM 313

Compact, fast, very solid: the EDM 313 MF 30 convinces with its unbeatable ratio of travel paths and installation space. The machine is also very solid while still offering high dynamics.

Usage details

The EDM 313 MF 30 offers you:

  • highest stability due to FEM-optimised, undivided machine base made of mineral cast;
  • digital AC servo direct drives and glass scales for highest drive and control dynamics;
  • lowerable tank, driveable while filled for free access to the workpiece;
  • fully simultaneous CNC path control MF 30 on PC basis with Windows operating system;
  • high-power generator technology exopuls+ with Digisparc-optimised erosion process;
  • connection to various automation systems possible.
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EDM 313 Model technical information

Traverse paths X x Y x Z
Work table
Work tank
Distance table/quill min./max.
Electrode weight max.
Workpiece weight max.
Filling height work tank
Dimensions, total W x D x H
Generator current
Mains supply
Power consumption

EDM 313 MF 30

620 x 420 x 400 mm
1000 x 600 mm
1070 x 670 mm
160/560 mm
50/250 kg
1500 kg
400 mm
2530 x 2470 x 2520 mm
60 A / 120 A
400 V, Ds, 50 Hz
9 kVA